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Is your washer trying to walk out of your house? Or, is it like a stubborn mule…just standing there? 
Going to the laundry mat at the corner is not very convenient…no matter how close it is to your home! Do you need your washer repaired? Our experience technicians can get your washer washing again.
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When your washer gives up on you and you can afford buying a new unit, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to choose between hand washing your jeans or wearing the same pair the entire month without cleaning them.

What you should do is let Appliance Repair Atlanta GA technicians repair your washer repair.

SAME DAY washing machine repairsFREE estimateand FREE service call with any washer repair.

Washer Parts we service with repairs:

Motor Repair Agitator repair Lid switch assembly Drain pump
Selector Knob Shipping Bolt Clutch Water inlet valve

Washer Brands we Repair:

> Admiral > Speed Queen > Amana > GE > Brown > Crosely

> Electrolux > FiveStar > Frigidaire > Gibson > Hardwick > Hotpoint

> Jenn-air > Kenmore > LG > Maytag >Norge > Roper

> Samsung > Sears > Sub Zero > Tappan > Thermador > Wards

> Whirlpool > White-Westinghouse

Common issues we diagnose and repair:

  • Washing Machine Leaks
  • Washing machine making noise
  • Washing machine won’t working
  • Washer won’t cycle

Washer FAQs

Q: What should I do if my Maytag washer is not spinning? Alice Clark, Cobb GA
A: Make sure the lid or door is securely closed. For your safety, the washer will not spin if it’s open. If its a Front Load washer, you can also check to see whether the dispenser drawer is open, it should be completely closed. Ultimately, if your load is out of balance, this might also prevent the washer from spinning. Rearrange it to allow for proper spinning, possibly adding one or two similar items to help balance a small load.

Q: Why is my LG washer not starting? Lauren Harris, Rockdale GA
A: Your washer does not start due to one of these following reasons: The wash cycle may be in a pause stage. The cycle selector knob is not quite to the start position. The power cord may not be plugged in, or the connection may be loose. Check to be sure the plug fits tightly into the wall outlet. The door or lid of the washer may be open. A fuse is blown in your home, or a circuit breaker tripped. If this is the case, reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse. The motor may have overheated. Your washer’s motor will stop if it becomes overheated, then automatically restart after a cool-down period of up to 30 minutes. A power outage might have occurred. In this case, you might want to call your local electric company.

Q: What might be causing my Whirlpool washer to vibrate? Mike Phillps, Dawson GA
A: The washer may not be level. Or the load may be off balance. Make sure you insert an even amount of items before running cycle. The washer also needs to be resting firmly on the floor.

Q: The lid or door of my Frigidaire washer won’t open. How do I open it? Scott Bell, Polk GA
A: The lid of a top load washer cannot be opened during the spin cycle. To open, simply stop the washer and wait 1- 3 minutes for the safety lock to open. On a front load washer, the door will be locked during the entire wash cycle. Before tumbling starts, you can stop the washer and then wait for the water to drain off the window before opening the door. To open the door during the spin cycle, stop the washer and wait 1-3 minutes for the lock to release, never force the door to open.







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